Monday, January 31, 2011

Do Good, Not Evil

I sometimes wonder if people feel it is better to do evil instead of good. My wife and I were in Walmart earlier.  It was very crowded and there were more registers open to accommodate customers with 20 items or less than those with more.  My wife and I went to a register and after briefly waiting; the cashier said that she was closed.  No worries.  When she said that, I looked at her register light, which was register 17, and it was off.  So the mistake was on us.  We went to the next register over and waited patiently until it was our turn to have our groceries rung up.  There was a couple in front of us who would be next to put their items on the conveyor belt.  The woman however kept looking back at register 17.  I took it as she also was on that line and was also told it was closed.  So naturally when someone keeps looking in a specific direction it makes you curious to look also.   There were customers after customers going to that register only to be told that she was closed.  I could not see what was so fascinating about a cashier telling customers that her line was closed.
The line we were on was a slow line, but we were getting there.  It was now the couple’s turn to be rung up.  While her mate was placing the items on the belt, she started to look in the direction of register 17 again.  Me and my nosey self also looked over.  While the cashier’s back was turned, due to packing the groceries, an old lady rode up in one of those motorized carts and began to place her items on the belt.  When the cashier realized what was happening, the lady had almost all of her items on the belt.  The facial expression on the cashier’s face was obvious.  It was not of anger, but of “oh well.”  What happened next I could not believe.  The woman in front of me began to make noise because the cashier allowed the old woman to remain on the line.  Mind you, her mate was already packing the groceries on the belt.  She made a big stink and asked for a manager.  The cashier tried to explain, but that woman was not having it.  I glimpsed at my wife, and my wife’s expression of course was of disgust.  A manager came and the woman started to go off, and trust me family, my tongue was itching to break through my lips to say something.  This woman then made a lame attempt in apologizing to the old woman saying it is not about her. 
Family, that was a clear and undeniable expression of one’s wicked heart.  The bible speaks on things that God is against and one of them is “A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil.” (Pr 6:18)  Let’s look at this again.  After the woman was told that register 17 was closed, she did not want to leave it alone.  She kept looking back to see if the cashier will let someone go through.  This is where the “feet that are swift in running to evil” comes in.  It was almost like she was hoping for it.  This woman’s wicked intent did not allow her to even display common sense.  Her mate was already putting the groceries on the belt, so why push the issue?  She has a wicked heart that’s why.  Her darkness did not even see why the cashier let the old woman pass.  The old woman was in the handicap cart.  Did she really want the cashier to tell the woman to remove her items?  If you are not disgusted yet, maybe you will be after this.  This woman went and spoke to another manager after her groceries were bagged and was leaving the store.  My goodness.
Family, I felt so disgusted that I went home and called the store and made sure I spoke to the manager to defend that cashier.  To my not so surprise, the woman gratuitously exaggerated the facts according to what the manager had shared with me.  God is against this behavior.  The word of God warns us about this behavior.  No one knows the mind of God, but we read examples of His righteous judgment.   Whenever you hear of someone going through something, or things just not seem to work out in their favor, remember this lesson.  It may be “karma” finding its way home.  Amen!


  1. wow...just WOW! I am so glad you called to set the record straight. I think another lesson here could be that it's not always "none of our business." Sometimes it's our duty to speak up and to stand up for the innocent. Good job!