Monday, June 27, 2011

Different Location-Same Truth

Different Location-Same Truth

I am not starting up my daily messages again, but felt the need to share something with you this morning.  I am in NYC now for business and decided to go out this morning for a mini morning workout.  The park that I was in is not too far from where I used to live (click here).  When I was done with my workout, I decided to take a walk through my old neighborhood, Edenwald Projects, Bronx NY, 10466.  As I am going through looking at areas I used to hang out, and other areas where I engaged in things I shouldn’t have, I came across my old building.  It brought back some good memories, but of course some bad.  As I am in a reminiscing trance, I hear someone shouting Jesus! Jesus!  Jesus, is that you!  Jesus was the name they used to call me on the street so it took me by surprise that after all these years I am still known by that.  When I looked over, there were two slightly older men, who clearly displayed evidence of how living by the code of the streets has taken a toll on them.  To be honest, they look familiar to me, but I did not know their names.  We gave the normal hand shakes and hugs, and I informed them of my name.  We began to talk, and of course they wanted to know what I have been up to.   Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!  Evangelizing time!!!!

I began to share my walk and to correct certain errors of information that swirled in the many years of my absence of that area.  I laid it on them heavy with the word and was pleased with the manner of how they were intrigued.  I say, I was with them for about 15 minutes or so.  Shortly after that, another pair of guys, who I definitely do not know came over to us.  Their faces were twisted as though they smell something bad, and did not care that they were offending me with their up and down looks as though I was delicious.  I just offered a brief smile, and quickly turned my face so I do not see anymore of their offense, and allow the enemy to cause me to bring some unbearable pain to them.  While I was pretending to be attracted by the surrounding area, I heard them inquiring negatively about me.   Then my neck snapped in their direction.  The earlier two men, said, “Chill, do you know who this is?  This is Jesus from back in the day.”  I was in shock.  I was not shocked that the other two seemed to change their facial expressions and adjusted their posture to that of submission.  I was shocked that after 15 or so minutes of witnessing to these brothers, that they felt it was necessary to use who I was back then to calm their concerns instead of who I am now, a child of God.  They did not say I am an old friend of theirs, or that I am cool people.  They reverted backwards.  I gave all of them hugs, bid them peace, and said “God bless you,” and moved on.

Whether it be Orlando, Fl, Chicago, IL, Bronx, NY, or any other location in the United States, there are people who are spiritually deprived, and because of this depravity, they will never be able to synchronize what they hear briefly (meaning the word of God) to what they see as reality (their hell).  I walked by people who I knew were old g’s back then but are now addicts to the same poison they were selling.  The elderly walk pass me with their head hung low, forced not to make contact out of fear that it may trigger a beating. I seen people who used to make fun of the men and women tasked to try to keep the place clean, now wearing the same uniform.  And I see young males who could not wipe their bottoms properly and always had a runny nose, now with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry on with tough looks and adjusting their waists because the guns they are carrying are too big.  However, when you go to them, and look them in their eyes, and say “I come in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and I am hear to tell you that He loves you, and desire for you to have a better life,” that tough stance diminishes.   Their facial expression changes, and what you really see, is a hurt and scared soul crying for help.    You have the community centers, and the park for the kids to play, and even have a Police Department in the center of the projects, yet crime and hurt is still prevalent.  They need something else.

This may not be some of you guys reality, but it was mine, and it is theirs.  Too much stuff has taken precedence over the needs of the community, and God is watching those who know better.  Just because you do not see it, doesn’t mean that it is not there.  The bible says “Without a vision, the people perish” (Pr 29:18).  Right now, you have ghettos across our nation who has people that need to change the things they see.  They are living in a Matrix and need to be freed.  We, who have been freed by the blood of Jesus Christ, should not just move on.  We should try every effort to reach those who were just as lost as we were.  Go into the projects.  Go into the jails.  Go where people are scared to go.  It is not as hideous and dangerous as the media makes it.  Furthermore, if God be with you, who be against you?  You are not going into Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, or Pakistan.  You are going right in your back door.  Remove the thoughts of “well that does not apply to me”  The same young man who you save from the streets, could be the same young man that does not end up putting a gun in your face prior to raping, robbing, or even murdering you.  Amen!