Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cliché #4: Led By The Spirit

Most heavenly and gracious Father, I come before your throne of grace the only way I know how Lord, with head bowed and heart humbled to say thank you.   Lord, I thank you for allowing me to see another day.   I thank you for health and strength, Father.  I not only thank you for physical strength, I ask that you strengthen me in my spiritual walk as well.  Father, all that I pray for myself, I also pray for your children who love you. I pray this for the reader and doer of your word.  I pray this for the ones who will read this message.   Father I ask that you decrease us Lord and increase the Holy Spirit in us so we may hear what you have for us.  Keep us oh God that we not stray from your word God.  I pray now Father, that if we have committed any deed that was not pleasing in thy sight, that you forgive us for it.  We love and adore you, and need you to guide us always.  We need you Lord.  Father we can’t do nothing without your help Father, for you are able!  We give you all honor, glory, and praise.  We lift you up this and every morning.  We pray that your will be done.  I pray this in your Son Jesus name,  Amen.

Every person who is affiliated with the church or the Christian faith,has either said this before, or has heard someone say it to them.  If there is one cliché that have been used so much to the point it takes away from the deeper meaning, in my opinion it would be this one.   When someone says they are led by the spirit, they are saying that their actions or behaviors are attributed to a directive they feel came from God.  For example, at my previous church we had a Men’s Day program.  It was a program that the men of the church put together that was spiritual in nature.  It was sort of a tradition, and it took place every year.  One year, I was asked to put something together as a mini sermon to honor President Obama as being the first black president.  It was not so much in the political part of it, but to share that the color of a person’s skin can no longer be used as an excuse for not succeeding.  I titled it “Yes We Can,” and it was in a form of a poem.  It was very direct, and it spoke directly to the excuses that many use.  In the end, the applause and the pats on the back expressed the hearts of the men that were present.  When the service was over, again many came to have a word, but I remember one person in particular.  He said his name was Bishop…………………………………xxxxxx.  I already lost interest, since he had at least 6-7 names in his title when he introduced himself to me.  He congratulated me on my poem and told me where his church is located.  He mentioned how it would be a blessing to have men like me in his church.  Ready for this?  He said he was led by the spirit to tell me that I have a preacher’s spirit.
So, he was led by the spirit huh?  He was led by the spirit to subtly recruit me to his church.  He was led by the spirit to tell me that I have a preacher’s spirit.  Now the bonus question is this…….what would he have said to me, if I was not on program?  The answer is nothing.  His emotions compiled with his pride to have a church with talented individuals, so he can get the glory, is what led him.  And it is these types of emotions that if not clearly considered, are why so many people say that they are led by the spirit.  The bible says “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.”  (Rom 8:14)  Amen!  In a commentary regarding this verse, Adam Clarke said this:
“No man who has not Divine assistance can either find the way to heaven, or walk in it when found.  As Christ, by his sacrificial offering, has opened the kingdom of God to all believers; and, as a mediator, transacts the concerns of their kingdom before the throne; so the Spirit of God is the great agent here below, to enlighten, quicken, strengthen, and guide the true disciples of Christ; and all that are born of this Spirit are led and guided by it; and none can pretend to be the children of God who are not thus guided.”
Amen!  This is a true statement.  There are people who are genuinely led by the spirit.  Not by what they feel are good intentions, not to achieve a specific outcome, but are compelled to move in one direction or the other without knowing why and are uncertain of the outcome.  So when you have people who use this verse as an answer to their behavior, especially when it is man led, it takes away from the real intent, which is to fight flesh. 
A sister in Christ once said to me that she wants a BMW.  I asked her what is wrong with her current car.  She said she has just finished paying for it, and she now wants a new one.  I asked her why she would add another 5-6 years of car payments.  She dismissed it.  She said she has faith so she does not worry about money issues.  Later on that month, she said how God has given her favor and she was able to buy the BMW.  She went to many dealers but did not get anywhere with them, but she said she was led by the spirit to go to one dealer and everything went smooth.  Now I really believe God was working.  Every dealer she went to that she did not get anywhere with, was God trying to save her from a future financial ruin.  However she persisted until she got the answer that “she” wanted to hear.  There were other things that left her lips that caused me to take a break from her, but that is an example of a false guidance.  Whenever people feel they are led by the spirit, or they have already executed what they felt was directed by the spirit, they should ask some key questions. 
1.      Does it line up with the Word?
2.    Does it free you of any form of bondage?
3.    Would others benefit from it?
4.    Have you prayed about it before?
5.     Can you know for sure that it was God and God alone that led you?
6.    Will God get the glory?
I am pretty sure there are more questions that can be added, but I believe these can be seen as the foundation.
Man’s theology and reasoning is not necessarily correct, but God’s word is without error.  His word can only be understood by revelation, and revelation is given by the Spirit of God. God does reveal in His own way, however we only know in part.  If we think we know anything, we do not know it as we ought to. We are instructed, by God, to keep seeking Him.  The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. The truth sets us free. Lies on the other hand will bind us. So if it is of God, then yes would be the answer to the questions above.  Amen.

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