Monday, April 25, 2011

Cliché #3 Holier Than Thou

Oh Heavenly and Gracious Father, I come to you today Lord with thanksgiving.   I thank you Lord for being so good to me.  Father even when I don’t deserve it Lord, you still love me just the same.  You forgive, provide and bless.  Father, I can't thank you enough for all that you do for me and for your children.  I pray Father that we continue to do things pleasing in thy sight and that we have an opportunity to be a blessing to others, Lord.   Even if it’s just an ear to listen Lord, or words to speak life to them Lord, or to help in any way, or just by acknowledging them and being that person for them to lean on Lord, I pray that you use us Lord.  Use us to do your will Lord. Use us to reach the lost, the broken hearted, the blind.  So many people are walking as though they are alive, but they are dead, Father, and I pray that you instill in us the gift to reach them without any hindrances or reserve.  I just pray oh God, that we are walking according to your doctrine and never err away from the truth.  And Father, I pray that you forgive us of any sins committed.  We give you all the honor and the glory in Jesus name, we pray, Amen.

When I first tried Facebook, I was attracted to it from start.  I was able to get connected with childhood friends and old school buddies.  Some of the ones that I added, I had to remove.  You all know why, because I am pretty sure you did the same thing.  One guy who I knew as far back as 3rd grade, I had on for a while, but eventually had to remove.  Those who are familiar with Facebook know that when a friend post something, if they enable the feature, we are able to see their posts.  The guy who I was referring to would post poems spiritual in nature.  They would be about 4-5 lines long.  They were really good poems and they were original.  It was evident that it touched many people, because each day he would post one, and you would have at least 10 or more comments.  He did this daily for about 2 weeks and then throughout the day he would post other things.  It was more like an announcement.  He would post a flyer, with his picture and some others on it promoting parties that will take place that weekend.  I am not sure what affiliations he had, but they were groups of them on the flyer, with a picture of a dj behind turntables, some women in bikinis, some dude holding a champagne bottle with a lit cigar in his hand.  The post he would add would be like “Come out this weekend and support your boy!!!  Free drinks for the first 100 ladies.  Come by yourself, but go home with somebody”!!!  One day, I caught myself in deep thought.  I am looking at one flyer, and then I am scrolling up to read his poem that he posted for the day, and I see myself going back and forth as though the image may miraculously disappear.
Some time that week, I seen that he was online and I decided to have a chat with him.  I first told him how I enjoyed his poems, and how I could tell it was based off of experiences.  He began to lace the conversations with how good God was to him, and began to add some more of the overly used spiritual phrases like “when the praises go up, the blessings come down”, “God may not come when you want Him to, but when He comes he is right on time”, and others that I can’t recall but remember saying “oh boy here we go”.  He is typing away and I am saying to myself, “a lot of what he is saying is just ramblings and misplaced phrases.”  So I interjected and asked him about the parties.  This was my way to see if he realized the contradiction in his posts throughout the day.  This misplaced individual then began to tell me how many girls be coming out and how the last one was a blast, and he would add profane word to express how good it was, then had the audacity to invite me.  I looked at the invite, and paused for a bit.  I was thinking if he was in front of me and he asked that question how I would have reacted.  So I told him thanks for the invite, but I am no longer a person who parties.  He started to come at me with how I am a hypocrite and I need to practice what I preach.  I thought to myself, “who this guy is talking to.”  He lives in NYC, I am in Orlando.  I have not seen him in at least 10-15 years.  In essence he does not know me.  So all what he was talking did not make sense.  I told him in one instance you post spiritual things, and say how good God is, then in another instance you are promoting sin.  That is when that famous saying came out.  “Why are you hating on me with your holier than thou mentality, as though you are perfect.  Only God can judge me (another one).”  I told him that he will have to reconcile that with his conscience.  I closed the chat, and immediately removed him from my friend’s list. 
The bible states “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” (Jn 1:5)  Although the word “comprehend” is used, which simply means understand, it is not the intent of the verse.   When Jesus came to teach salvation, it intruded on the many wicked ways of man.  Things that they enjoyed was contrary to God and they did not want to give them up.  The light, which is the truth that Jesus brought was not received but rejected, hence the darkness.  My old class buddy acknowledges the light, but refuses to adhere to what it would mean in his life.  All I did was remind him of it, and he addressed me as though I was a Pharisee.  The truth is he who would rather live a life of sin than live up to God’s Holy standard.  This was his way of attempting to persecute and shame me for really loving Christ, His teachings and showing it.  If this has ever been said to you and you know that your heart is sincere, stand firm on your faith.  Too many people have made attempts to rewrite the Gospel, where they can live a willful sinful life and at the same time say that they are a Christian.  This is hypocrisy at its best.  The truth is you are “holier than thou” because holy means to set apart, where you have chosen to set yourself apart from sinful pleasures of the world, where they chose to integrate with it.  Stand your ground and keep the faith.  Amen!

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