Saturday, March 5, 2011

Don’t Return to Vomit (Archived)

Father God, we come once again before your thrown of grace, in awe of your magnificent power and glory, with thanksgiving.  We are thankful to see another day Lord.  You woke us up with our organs functioning and our bones intact.  Your mercy can be seen in our daily living, for we sin continually yet you Love us just the same in not allowing a punishment that is well deserved to fall on us, so we are thankful Father.  I pray now Lord, that your message is received in love Father, and that it is considered Father for correction in your children’s lives.  I pray Lord that their hearts are in the right place to receive it, and their thoughts are purged of any unrighteousness.  We give you honor, glory, and the praise, and we respectfully pray this prayer in Jesus’ name.  Amen!

Before I begin, I apologize in advance for anything that may seem offensive to some.  I pray that you can see pass it and receive the intended message.  Amen?

Regurgitation is just another way of saying vomit.  When God designed our bodies, He created a system of defense to protect it.  One element of this system is regurgitation.  When we ingest something that the body deems foreign, it enables involuntary muscles to expel it from the body.  So any of you, which I am sure you all have at one time or another, had ever regurgitated, it was due to a foreign element that entered your stomach, and the body felt it was necessary to expel it.

This system is not exclusive to humans but to animals as well.  Take for instance a dog.  Dogs also ingest many things that are foreign and the result is for them to bring it back up.  What is strange is sometimes the dog will lick back up the vomit.  The bible says “As a dog returns to his own vomit, So a fool repeats his folly.”  (Pr 26:11)  A dog’s nasal structure is designed in a way which heightens its sense of smell.  When a dog regurgitates, because of its limited mental capacity, compiled with greed, it smells part of the food that is in the vomit and wants to consume it again.  People are the same.  Not in the sense of wanting to consume their own vomit, but seem to want to return back to the thing that is harmful to them.  Take for instance women who seem to return back to the men who nearly beat them to death.  What about that man who seem to keep returning back to jail?  Or just the person who is just sick and tired of being sick and tired, only to do nothing about being sick and tired?

The metaphor that the writer of Proverbs was trying to express is that these people, regardless to how sensitive you think this topic is, are people who are acting like fools.  The writer is comparing their actions to dogs.  Dogs, after gaining ease by regurgitating that which upset their stomachs, will yet go and lick it up again.  This is so with people, who have been convinced that they need to change their lives, yet return to that very same thing that convinced them they needed to change, forgetting how sick it made them.   There is a saying, if you continue to do the same things you have always done, you will receive the same results.

We need to behave as the intelligent creatures God designed us to be.  We need to acknowledge the things that are not good for us, and metaphorically throw it up.  Once it is expelled, we are not to return back to it.  Partying all night and drinking hard, may result in a hangover in the morning.  I have never heard anyone say, I love the way a hangover feels.  Having slept with someone the night before, only to feel disgusted that it was done, means that you should not repeat those steps.  The list goes on and on.  What you can eat and not worry about it upsetting your stomach, is the word of God.  His Word, if you eat it, it will comfort your stomach and the taste in your mouth will be like honey in sweetness (Eze 3:3).  Give God’s Word a try, and see if it is truth I am sharing.  Amen!

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