Sunday, February 6, 2011

Before I began the blog, I used to send my lessons to a distribution list I had setup via outlook.  I have been asked to put those messages up on the blog as well.  I was running away from the responsibility since there are so many of them.  I was so preoccupied yesterday that I forgot to prepare today’s lesson.  So below is one of my archived lessons.  From time to time, I will slowly post them up until all has been posted. 

“To Those Who Still Don’t Get It”

It amazes me how people can still express their ignorance,
going on with their lives as those every evil deed performed, will birth not a single consequence.
I mean, is it something they know that I don’t?
Is it possible, that they are living the truth, and I the lie, I will not ignore it, trust me I won’t.
I just wonder how they are able to live their life so boldly.
I sometimes question everything the Holy Spirit had shown and told me.
Then, I come to my senses, you know gather my thoughts.
This is warfare, a spiritual one, indeed I fought.
It just hurts me to see so many people so, so lost.
Not realizing what price they are paying; if only they knew the cost.
You see, I read that the penalty of sin is death.
So to see why I am still living, caused me to study hard, yes in depth.
I learned that there is a God who loves us so dearly.
He does not desire us to die, but to live, that’s what we call grace and indeed mercy.
Although we have sinned and truly deserve to die,
And this is how you pay God back, please tell me why?
Who told you that time is on your side?
Who told you that you will survive your roller coaster ride?
You know what I am talking about, the ups and the downs,
Believing and not believing, then believing again, quit it clown.
The bible states a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
Whether it be a man or a woman, it still applies, I say.
Don’t you get it?  It is time to get it together.
Stop pretending like you got it together.
Living your life as though you have it together.
Hanging with the wrong people, just living wickedly together.
Let me tell you honey child, hell is waiting for all of you…..together.

Don’t you get it?  If you are bored with what I am saying, you are proving me correct.    
Preaching of the cross is foolishness, to those who are perishing, look at the effect.
The effect is you are not trying to hear me; what I am saying does not interest you.
I pray that you reconsider, I am only looking out for your soul, boo.
Are you wondering if I am speaking to a specific someone?
Because I said boo, it may be to a woman?
Surely I would not say “boo” to a guy,
But if the shoe fit wear it, if it apply don’t let it fly.
Enough is enough, it is time to do things another way.
Doing the same things over and over again will not change the results because it is a new day.
Look at what doing it your way has brought you?
Hurt, pain, loss, deceit, treachery, you see where I am going don’t you?
This year is about over, and a new year will begin.
This time, you can be a victor, conqueror, yes finally you can win.
In order for this to happen, you have to begin to reduce that sin.
You have to get to a point where you sin less, and less.
Because only pigs enjoy smut, and playing in their mess.
Are you a pig?  Then do not act like it.
And you better not be saying I am just talking ………………………………………foolishness

Don’t you get it?  It is time to focus on the things that are right.
No more of the foolishness, come from out of the darkness and into the light.
Leave the family and friends, who can cause you to become irate.
The Lord wants you to be Holy, and in order to do so, you must separate.
Aren’t you tired of being two faced?
You know, acting like time for God you cannot afford,
Then when tragedy, trial, or circumstance hits, you’re the first to say oh Lord.
Many people are being blessed, once they accept it was time for them to change.
It can happen for you as well, so stop acting like this is strange.
Soooooooo, there is someone I love, and I would like for you to meet,
All that He asks is that you change the things that you eat.
Yes it is a metaphor, but nonetheless He wants you to change the things you eat.
Because there is a force out there who desires to sift you like wheat.
The little that you have, he wants to seek it, kill it, and destroy it,
Time is running out, God is calling, again, don’t you get it?

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