Saturday, January 8, 2011

Your Soul Knows What It Needs

     The other day I had the most piercing headache.  My family and friends know that I rarely get them, so if I complain about a headache, it is serious.  I took aspirin to address it but no dice.  I have been dieting lately, so I began to shovel down food, but to no avail.  I began to search online and found a host of possible reasons.  One stated that it could be lack of iron.  Another stated that I am not drinking enough water.  One stated that I need to get my eyes checked.  One stated that my bed needs to be addressed.   Another said my pillow was too hard, while another said my pillow was too soft.  One site had me laughing, which said I am sensitive to cologne or perfume.  I laughed because my wife always teases me about spraying too much on.  I refuse to give her the satisfaction.  After searching and contemplating which instruction I was going to follow, I fell asleep.  It was probably around 5-6pm.  I did not wake up until the next morning, which was around 8-9am.  I woke up shocked that I slept for so long.  Guess what?  My headache was gone.  My body told me that it was hurting.  I acknowledged it and was searching for complex remedies; however remedy came in the form of rest.
     In the book of Psalms, David said “I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.” (Ps 139:14)  David pondered on the thoughts of how God formed him, and was astonished at the exquisite and delicate outcome of the human body.  He also stated that his soul knows very well.  In other words his soul bears witness as if a separate entity but one in the same.  The soul; that intangible force behind our existence that was a given to us by God.  Just as the body needs, the soul does as well.   David in Psalm 63 poetically and eloquently expressed his soul’s need for God.  He says his soul thirsts for God and his flesh longs for God.  (Ps 63:1)  He loves God so much that the thought of not giving him praise, the thought of not being able to hear a word, has now caused his physical body to be weary.  The only thing that can quench his thirst, that can satisfy his body’s hunger was to seek God’s power and glory in the sanctuary; the church (Ps 63:2).
     God created us for His glory.  He desire for us to be in communion with him.  By design, we are to seek His face.  Our soul desires to be fed with the word of God.  However, we become agitated when the soul’s need is not met, hence the phrase “a restless soul.”  You would become bored.  You will always feel the need to do something.  Just as I was trying to figure out why my head was hurting, you will find ways to try to satisfy that feeling you are feeling.  This is your soul’s way of saying “feed me with the word of God!”  An unfed soul is like an unguarded home open for the thieves to come and take away the possessions.   Listen to your soul and feed it what it asks for, the word of God!  Amen!

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