Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ignore Bad Reports

Picture this for a moment.  You have been at your job for the last five years.  The pay is acceptable, but you feel that there is a better job for you out there.  You take an inventory of your bills, and it looks like a change right now would not be wise.  Despite how it looks, something in you is moving you to go back to school and to change careers.  After careful consideration, you believe if you were to get a part-time job and attend night school, you just might be able to make it.  You decided to run your thoughts by some of your family and friends.  This is ok.  The bible says there is safety in the multitude of counselors, (Pr 11:14) and you did just that.  However every person you run it by pretty much tell you the same thing.  They say it is risky.  They say you are leaving certainty for the uncertain.   Some say you will be struggling since you will be making less.  You begin to reconsider your position.  Then a couple of friends who you called, but they were unreachable, returned your call.  You decided to share with them what you were thinking about, and how you decided to change your mind.  But these friends say no.  They say that it is a good idea what you were thinking prior.  Yes, you may struggle, but that struggle will be temporary.   At the end of that struggle is reward.  They motivated you to stick to your plan.  A couple of years later, you have a degree, and you make more for doing less.
            Sometimes people you know just give bad advice.  You have some who will receive visual confirmation based on what they hear, and you have those who alter what they have heard based on what they have seen.  Take a moment and think about that.  There is a story that is similar in nature recorded in the bible.  Moses was given a charge to send spies to scope out the Promised Land.  Twelve in all were sent.  These spies were in the land for 40 days prior to returning to report their findings.  Ten of the spies did say the land was flowing with milk and honey but they also spoke about the inhabitants.  They spoke about the inhabitants’ numbers and strength so much that it stirred up fear.  Only two of the spies spoke about the land, and how it is theirs for the taken.  The two, Joseph and Caleb did not allow the irrelevant sight to alter what God had said.  The land is called the “Promised” Land because the Lord said it would be theirs.  They need not worry about who is there, their size, or their numbers.  If God be with you, who be against you?  The land was beautiful, and that is all they saw.   
            You see, fear causes you to see things that are not there.  Joseph and Caleb did not worry about the obstacle, but looked at how it will be after the obstacle was removed.  We also, have to not focus on our inability, but on God’s ability to allow us to overcome whatever the issue is.  There are times where we need to only hear the good reports and disregard the bad ones.  In the illustration I gave you earlier, some of the friends were looking at the now.  They were not looking at the potential.  They were not seeing the big picture.  They stood still in fear, instead of stepping out on faith and these are the ones who will speak defeat all the time, and should not be considered.  You want people around you who can stir you up.  People who can see beyond what is in front of them.  People who can confirm the exact vision that was given to you.  People who give good reports.  Amen!

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