Friday, May 13, 2011


Father, I give thanks this morning for all that you do.  As I ponder on the conditions of the people of society, this country, and the world, I pray that you have mercy on us.  This I humbly and passionately pray in Jesus name I, Amen!

I was driving to work this morning and I was in the far left lane on the highway.  This lane is usually the lane where people drive a bit higher than the speed limit.  I was behind this car in that lane and she was driving the exact speed limit.  I stayed behind her a bit, not too close, but enough to let her know that I would like for her to either drive faster, or for her to move over to let me pass.  There was no one in front of her so there was enough room for her to accelerate.  At one point she even pressed on her breaks abruptly, but kept going.  It did not affect me because I was not that close to her, so I took that as she did not want me behind her.  No worries.  I left that lane and made the attempt to pass her.  She now begins to speed up as though she did not want me to.  So I pressed down on the gas pedal and felt my truck about to take off.  I just got the water pump replaced so I am not sure if that had anything to do with it.  She did not have a chance.  I beat her easily and got in front of her.  As I look in the side mirror, you can see she was yelling in the car, and then flipped me the bird.  I just shook my head and kept driving.
I’m thinking to myself, why was she angry?  She did not want to move over, so I tried to pass her, and then she sped up as though she did not want me to get in front of her, I made it in front of her with enough room for another car to come behind me, and she is angry at me.  Why did she do that?  Then I began to ponder on a lot of “why’s” that people do.
Why do local assemblies allow people in leadership that behave contrary to the scriptures?
Why do some leaders of churches drive expensive cars and live in expensive homes, yet preach to their congregation about being content?
Why do leaders tell their congregation about sharing the gospel, yet they do not have any evangelistic efforts in their church?
Why do churches have all these funds, such as building funds, mission funds, etc and no changes have been made to the building in years, and never seem to have money for missions?
Why is the congregation surprised when the church had so many preachers come and go when the committee who hires the preachers is a bunch of hypocrites?
Do you think I am making this up?
Why do some Christians struggle so much, and hide behind them being Christians are the reasons why they struggle, only to realize if they would have just got up off their behind, they would struggle less?
Why do some Christians show love while they are in the Church, but let someone accidently cut in front of them at Wal-mart, or any super market, and see how they behave?
Why do some Christians bend over backwards to do anything for their local assembly, but if their spouse or children asks them, it is always an issue and vice versa with the children and parents?
Why do some Christians claim to be honest, but when tax time comes they put all these people as dependants in order to get a bigger return?
Why do some Christians have time to watch this show or that show, go window shopping, address their appearance, etc but have no time to study the word?
Do you think I am making this up?
Why do people say they are not racist, yet they would not want their children to date someone from another race, the only relationship they have with someone of the other race is when they have to, such as work, school, or even the church, they feel comfortable when someone makes racial comments in their presence, they attempt to find reasons why they are not comfortable around this or that person from another race, and hold a whole race accountable for the actions of some?
Why do people talk about how bad society has become, yet to not one single thing to make a difference?
Why do people expect compassion from the police when they were caught speeding, or when they are a little short at the supermarket, or if their warranty had expired, yet when they see a homeless person they keep passing by?
Why do people say, “we are judgmental” when we are pointing out something that they are doing that is not fair? 
Why are people quick to say a person deserves this or that punishment, yet do not consider what they deserve?
Do you think I am making this up?
These are a lot of questions that I asked myself in the course of me driving to work.  These are true scenarios regarding the church, Christians and people.  So what does this say about our society, country, or world?  I have scriptures to give, but I won’t.  Ponder on these questions, and then tell me where your heart is at when you are done.

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