Monday, April 4, 2011

Blessings or Curses, Which Do You Prefer?

Father God, I thank you once more as I come before your throne of grace for the mercy you have shown on an undeserving people.  I thank you for allowing us to see a new day.  I thank you for waking us up with our organs functioning and our bones intact, oh God. I thank you for eyes to see, ears to hear, and a tongue to give you honor and praise, oh God.  I thank you for blessing us with what we have, and what you are still working on in our favor, oh God.  I thank you for a roof over our heads, oh God.  I thank you for food in our homes, oh God.  I thank you for clothes in our closets, oh God.  So many people are without, oh God, yet you saw it fitting to bless us even now, oh God.  I thank you for positioning us in our lives to proclaim the title of victor, oh God.  I thank you for positioning us in our lives to proclaim the title conqueror, oh God.  Oh God just continue to have your way with your children who are called by your name oh God.  I pray oh God, in these blessings that you also forgive us of anything that was not pleasing in thy sight.  I pray a blessing on all whom read your message to day, and that they are a better person afterwards.  Father I give you all honor, glory and praise, and I humbly pray this prayer in Jesus name.  Amen

A choice was presented to us by our gracious Father.  It was not forced upon us.  In making us after His image and likeness, God bestowed upon us part of His sovereignty.  What I mean, is that there are certain things we have control over and in essence we can do what ever we want with that certain control.  We can choose to obey God or not to.  What I am realizing is that many people are unaware of the benefits of obeying and the consequences of not.
BLESSINGS: Deut.28:1-14 (11)
CURSES: Deut. 28:15-68 (53)
If any of the messages I shared had a level of importance, and the rate scale was between 1-10, 10 being the most important, I would rate this work at 100, meaning, it is of the utmost importance.  I would like to share something with you; a stereotype.  This stereotype is in regards to black people here in America, or should I simply say “African-Americans.”  The stereotype is "Blacks Don't Read". The general statement is simple and thought-provoking: one of the reasons African-Americans are still second-class or even third class citizens is that they don't read.  The stereotype isn't talking about illiteracy. It's talking about choosing not to read when one could choose to do so, and the consequences of making such a choice are, fundamentally, dangerous.  Of course, this is from a secular view.  However, if we look at it from a spiritual view, many do not even read from a Bible that professes the religion they “so called” have love for, and this refers to all races.  Many of you, who are reading this message, have yet to read all of the messages, or majority of the messages I put forth.  Please understand, I am not saying that you should read every single lesson that I write, but the truth is, many of you would prefer to read garbage “daily” than read the word of God.  Many of you would rush to read the horoscope, than to read the word of God.  And it is this lack of reading, this lack of seeking God’s word why many people are in the positions they are in.

I got in touch with an old school friend.  He is in bad shape.  He is a drug addict; he is not working, and has been locked up recently.  All of these things, when I heard, I reached out to him to share a word.  He had tears in his voice.  Now you know that does not make sense.  What I mean is, you can hear in his voice that he was moved with guilt in seeing the results of his actions.  I really thought this was a beginning of a break through.  I shared with him my testimony.  The scripture states, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony” (Rev 12:11) I shared with him, all that I did to overcome the enemy in an attempt for him to overcome him (the enemy) as well.  He identified with what I was saying, and vowed to change.  A week later, he calls me and stated that he might be going to jail.  When I asked why, he stated that he got caught up again in the foolishness.  I stated to him, that he must go through the hell in order to come out right.

What happened to my friend is just a part of what happens to many people.  They choose death instead of life.  They choose evil instead of good.  They choose to hear what people have to say about the contents of the bible instead of reading it for themselves.  Amen!   My brothers and sisters, God is real.  The devil is real.  The blessings are real, and so are the curses.  In the above reading, chapter 28 has 68 verses.  Verse 1-14 speaks about blessings where 11 of the verses are the blessings in detail.  Verses 15-68 speaks about the curses, where 53 of the verses are the curses in detail.  Since I never hear people ask why they are blessed, only on why things are not going the way they want, let’s just address some of the curses listed.  Do the following sound familiar?
1)     You will be cursed in the town and cursed in the field.
2)   You will be cursed when you come in and cursed when you go out.
3)   The Lord will send on you cursing and trouble and punishment in everything to which you put your hand, till sudden destruction overtakes you; because of your evil ways in which you have been false to me
4)   The Lord will let you be overcome by your haters: you will go out against them one way, and you will go in flight before them seven ways: you will be the cause of fear among all the kingdoms of the earth.
5)    He will make your minds diseased, and your eyes blind, and your hearts wasted with fear
6)   You will take a wife, but another man will have the use of her: the house which your hands have made will never be your resting-place: you will make a vine-garden, and never take the fruit of it (applies to women too)
7)    Your sons and your daughters will be given to another people, and your eyes will be wasted away with looking and weeping for them all the day: and you will have no power to do anything (It does not have to be slavery.  How about your son dating a bad girl daughter dating a bad boy?)
8)   The man from a strange land who is living among you will be lifted up higher and higher over you, while you go down lower and lower (my God, I will leave that to your thoughts)
9)   He will let you have his wealth at interest, and will have no need of yours: he will be the head and you the tail (My God  here is another one)
These are just nine.  There are 44 more just as serious and may even answer some questions that many of us wondered. 

The bottom line is these are the miseries comprehended in the curses which flow from continued disobedience to God.   It is better not to run from God, but to run to him; not flee from his justice, but draw to his mercy.  There are situations where the Lord will test those of the faith and it may appear as a curse, but it is not.  The bible states “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.  But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”  Meaning as children of God, affliction will come.  It is the instrument God uses to polish and refine us.  Therefore through the work and effect of afflictions, we are perfected in Christ.  However, those who understand this know what I mean, and where they are in their walk.  However, those who are constantly battling, constantly at the bottom, constantly at wit’s end, take an inventory of your life.  Read those verses I shared.  Ask yourself some questions.  Am I doing what the Lord wants me to do?  Am I willfully disobeying God’s word?  Do I have a form of godliness?  If you answered yes to these questions, then I there is a strong chance that some way or the other, these curses have played a part in your life.

I pray that those of you, who were able to identify with these elements in your life, decide to turn over a new leaf and change.  Unfortunately, some do identify with these elements but do not want to give up the temporary pleasure that comes before the curses.  I guess vomit tastes good to them. (Pr.26:11) Amen!

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