Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doing Something For Nothing

A friend of mine is struggling with an issue.   He had this very good job that paid extremely well.  He was not one who squanders, but he was one who never shied away from purchasing the finer things in life.  He is faithful, and knows all that he has was by the will of God.  Another friend of ours has been struggling.  He is not faithful, and always feels he has the answer.  So not to confuse the friends, let’s give the one who is faithful the name Kenny and the one who is not Lewis.  One day the three of us were hanging out, and Lewis shared that he was just tired of scraping to get by.  During our conversation, Kenny started to lay down some heavy words of encouragement.  I was truly impressed.  He gave testimony after testimony.  If I did not know him, I would have asked what church he goes to so I can come too.  By the grace of God, Lewis was moved. 
It was not immediate, but Lewis decided to let God be the driver in his life.  Lewis was faced with a financial strain and came to his friends for assistance.  Kenny and I decided to go 50/50 to help him out of his predicament.  Lewis was never in it again.  Blessings after blessings after blessings began to shower this man.  I was in the front row seat of this show directed by God.  It seemed like Lewis and I were talking more with each other about the goodness of God while Kenny just listen, and say amen every now and again.  Now let’s go back to the issue I shared.  Kenny had lost his very good paying job.  He was able to find another one, by the graces of God, but the money was enough to cover the bills and have some left over to put into savings, but not enough to be pampered.  This was really an issue for him, but not the issue I am referring to.  Kenny asked me a question.  Kenny asked if Lewis paid me back for the money that I partially helped him with.  I reminded Kenny that we did not loan Lewis the money, but gave it to him because he needed it.  Kenny said “yeah, but… least do something”  At that moment I thanked God for the understanding.
There is a similar story in the bible regarding a Shunammite woman but different outcome.  She sees a prophet who travels through her town.  She considers his journeys and has him come into her home for food whenever he passes through.  She feels she can do more for him, and consults her husband to set up a place for him to lodge if he so chooses.   Elisha, who is the prophet acknowledges her kindness and want to return the favor by speaking highly of her to the king or captain.  Her response is recorded as “I dwell among mine own people.” (2 Kings 4:13) Meaning she is blessed where she does not need help or relief from the powers that be.  This can be a story about contentment, but this woman did something out of the kindness of heart, and was not seeking anything in return.  She did something for nothing.  Elisha still wanted to repay her for her kindness and it was expressed that she never had any children, so Elisha petitioned the Lord to grant her a child, which God did. 
Kenny’s heart may not have been in the right place and God had to deal with it.  The tables have now turned.  In fact, Lewis was in a far worst condition that Kenny is in now.  Lewis was robbing Peter to pay Paul.  At least with Kenny, the only thing he can’t do is pamper himself.  He is still able to pay bills and he has some left over to go into savings.  The blessings from God became his God and God had to wake him up.  He sees Lewis on top, and now wants the money back.  So he did something for something.   Now what I did not share was the many times we went out to lunch that Lewis covered the tab.  Come to think about it, if I was to add up the times he did this, it was more than what I gave him.  Kenny’s situation clouded his vision, and if I was not present to remind him, or, if his situation was worst, he may have said or did something that he would have ended up regretting.  The bible says “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.”  (2Co 9:7)  If we are going to help someone in need, let us do it because it is pleasing to us.  Let us do it because we know God blessed us and we would like to be a blessing to someone else.  Do not do it out of obligation, and surely do not do it expecting anything in return.  Amen!


  1. Amen to that... As I often say, When you do something for someone, do it expecting nothing in return..
    Sometimes when we do help someone for give to someone and don't even get a Thank you, we get mad and say see how ungratefull she\he was..
    But what was your real intentions on helping them. Is it so you can have something over them, so you can constantly remind them that becuase of me you are where you are now.. See, it shouldn't be like that.. It is a Blessing to be a Blessing to someone els.. so next time you are helping someone.. Dont expect so much as a thank you from them, becuase that shouldn't be the reason to help...Amen

  2. Wow well said Judith.

    First I must say that I am truly proud of Minister Notice posting this blog site. Not only can we as believers get daily encouragement and sometime answers to our daily problems that we go through in life. But we can also point non believers to the stories on this blog so that they too can see the works of God.

    This Blog is what we all needed; it’s ok for those of you who don’t agree, but you will agree eventually, Because God is the author of these lessons…. not the Minister! God is only using him and he knows this.

    The daily stories or a lesson on this blog is a definite confirmation of “what thus saith our God”. With this blog we can learn, we can ask questions, get answers, and also disagree and ask for clarity and scriptures to confirm what was said. So man of God … God be the glory!

    So now with that been said. Today’s lesson is the truth of what we are all guilt of, did you hear me! WE ARE ALL GUILT OF THIS SIN. Whenever we do something for someone there should be no motive behind it. We should be doing giving and helping out of brotherly/sisterly love hoping for nothing in return. Like Judith said “ not even a thank you” should we expect. Check this out…how may time must our Father forgiven us, heal us, care for us, love us with no condition attached. He does it for us because he loves us unconditionally, so start today by loving your brothers/sisters and know that the spirit of giving will fall right into place with no conditions attached.

    God is Love!!! You can also be of love!


  3. I thank the women of God for their comments. It speaks volumes to what they believe is right. We all have fallen short, and now that we have been reminded, let's get up, thank God for the experience and move forward better.